Volcanoes presentation

Sorry it's a bit dull, but I was in a massive hurry to make it and didn't have time to do anything fancy. Besides, it has all the information you should need, so you can use it to base your own notes on rather than using it as a standalone thing. :)

Hope it helps!

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Volcanoes…read more

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Types of volcano
· Composite (cone) volcanoes
· Shield volcanoes…read more

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Composite (cone) volcanoes
· A composite volcano is a steep-sided volcano
that is made up of a variety of materials, such
as lava and ash.
· It has a narrow base.
· It has a main vent and a secondary vent.
· Eruptions are infrequent but often violent.…read more

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Composite (cone) volcanoes…read more

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Shield volcanoes
· A shield volcano is a broad volcano that is
mostly made up of lava. It has a wide base and
gentle slopes.
· They have low rounded peaks with one crater.
· Eruptions are frequent and non-violent.…read more

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Shield volcanoes…read more

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