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· Khrushchev- loud and brash
· Mao- quieter, and used "flowery" language which Khrushchev
didn't understand
· Had different characterestics
· There was culture clash between them
· K and M personally did not like each other
· China did not trust USSR…

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· China- refuses to sign the Test Ban Treaty in 1963-
consequences too expensive
· USSR thought Mao was too aggressive and would destroy
world with nuclear weapons- "if half the world is destroyed
the half that survives will be the socialists"- aggressive
· CIA- 1 in 3 chance of…

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· USSR began see Mao and China as similar to Tito and
· Mao against K's peaceful co existence- wants confrontation,
not co existence
· "The gun is the source of power"- Mao wants armed
revolutions to spread communism
· Mao- believes he is giving into Western imperialism by…

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economic assistance that the USSR also gave to China
caused tensions; as they had pay everything back on high
interest, plus Poland, a smaller country then China, had just
received $450 million in credits, and on much better terms.
China felt this was vastly unfair. Further, although China
received sovereignty…


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