USA and Angola


USA's Position:

  • Summer of 1975 USA realised FNLA were not winning
  • One option was to do nothing and this would prevent national criticism and avoid MPLA irritation
  • Likely outcome: Neto would establish a dominant position and Angola would move towards political left
  • Zaire may position themselves more anti-American if they feel America are not interested 
  • USA began to question whether Soviet aid was consistent with detente
  • November 1975, USA did not regard Angola as a threat to economic or strategic interests
  • December 1975, Director of CIA announced there was little difference in groups in Angola- all independent and 'leftists'
  • Claimed the reason why USA backed FNLA, replied Soviets were backing MPLA 
  • USA covertly supplied military assistance due to Cuban military aid and connections to Soviets
  • USA could no longer be covert as it would have aligned with South Africa who were also funding FNLA 
  • Black Africa was challenging the last vestiges od white minority rule across the continent 
  • Growing international condemnation of apartheid in SA
  • Concern:


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