Reasons for the Sino Soviet Split

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· Khrushchev- loud and brash
· Mao- quieter, and used "flowery" language which Khrushchev
didn't understand
· Had different characterestics
· There was culture clash between them
· K and M personally did not like each other
· China did not trust USSR
· They did not hide their dislike
· 1957 Moscow Trip- Mao criticised Russian culture
· Also on this trip- Khrushchev was bugging Mao's room and
discovered that he criticised him in private
· 1953- Mao claimed to be the "elder statesmen" of
communism following Stalin's death- angered Khrushchev
· Khrushchev called Mao an "old boot"- translation problems
led them to think it was "whore"
· Khrushchev's memoirs: "The trouble with Mao was he
refused to consider anyone his equal"
· "The personalities of communist leaders, like the accidents of
history, play a major and often decisive role"- Griffiths
· However, personality is not the main reason- SS relationship
did not improve after Khrushchev was ousted- the most
dangerous point in SS relations occurred after
Khrushchev/Mao time- 1969 and Ussuri clashes
· "the death of such leaders as Mao and Khrushchev ultimately
had little impact on the main lines of the Sino-Soviet
relationship"- Yan Mei
Nuclear weapons
· 1953- China developing an atomic bomb
· 1957- USSR agree to help China in this- gives samples
· 1959- Moscow go back on their word
· 196- Moscow removes all advisors- fears China will
overtake- they are now rivals
· 1964- China finally develops their own A bomb
· 1967- Develops a H bomb
· K- wanted to nuke China to stop their capabilities- led to
building of an underground city in Beijing for fear of Soviet
· They had disagreements over the role of nuclear weapons in
spreading communism

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China- refuses to sign the Test Ban Treaty in 1963-
consequences too expensive
· USSR thought Mao was too aggressive and would destroy
world with nuclear weapons- "if half the world is destroyed
the half that survives will be the socialists"- aggressive
· CIA- 1 in 3 chance of Soviets bombing China
· Beijing- wanted Siberia
· Also wanted Mongolia- denied under Treaty of Friendship
("The Soviet Union placed Mongolia under its control- Mao)
· Wanted parts of central Asia
· Mao critical of…read more

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USSR began see Mao and China as similar to Tito and
· Mao against K's peaceful co existence- wants confrontation,
not co existence
· "The gun is the source of power"- Mao wants armed
revolutions to spread communism
· Mao- believes he is giving into Western imperialism by co
· 20th CPSU- Destalinsation speech by Khrushchev- disagreed
fundamentally; wanted concessions from the West
· Mao sees it as attack on himself- scared of revision and
China defends Stalin- he respected Stalin, not Khrushchev…read more


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