Reasons for Divorce


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1) Laws e.g. ( irretrievable breakdown ­ 1969 ) widening grounds for divorce
Doesn't explain why people choose to exercise law other social factors
2) Decreased secularisation ( WILSON religious influence in society) less religious
ceremonies and church attendance, weight of church doesn't have that much impact
3) Decreased stigma surrounding divorce, (before condemned) more acceptable more
common tolerated
4) Increased expectation/ romanticised ideology­ FLETCHER before economic advantage/unit
of production/duty not dissatisfaction as now
Feminists: mostly women dissatisfaction with patriarchy
Functionalists: re-marriage optimism
5) Rise in feminism ­ women work in equality but when they get home they face dual burden
and become aware of patriarchy (40% who initiate divorce)
6) Increase female wage earners and lone parent welfare benefits means women are
economically independent and can afford divorce


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