9) The rising divorce rates

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The number of divorces in the UK is increases rapidly every year. The divorce rate has risen from 27,000 in 1961 to 167,000 by 2005. We now have one of the highest divorce rates in the European Union. About 40 per cent of new marriages today are likely to end in divorce.

Changes in the law as a reason for the rising divorce rate

Changes in the law around divorce have made them easier to get, cheaper and given men and women equal rights in filing for one – leading to a rise in divorce rates

Changes in society as a reason for rising divorce rates

The changing role of women – Around 3/4 of divorces are filed for by women. This suggests that women are more unhappy with their marriage than men. This change in role of women is vital in explaining the divorce rate rise because they now have the power to do something about a marriage they are not happy in; divorce.

Rising expectations of marriage


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