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Rate Equations,
Orders of
reaction and
Arrhenius…read more

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Rate of reaction
Change in concentration
Rate of reaction
Change in time
or…read more

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Measuring the volume of a gas
Count the number of bubbles produced in a
certain time.
Measure the volume of gas given off at
regular time intervals. More accurate
Plot a graph of total volume of gas produced
against time.
or…read more

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Measuring the change in mass
Measure the decrease in mass of the total
reacting mixture as the reaction proceeds.
A sensitive balance must be used.
There are many
opportunities for
experimental error to creep
in unless great care is taken
to avoid splashes etc.…read more

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A colorimeter measures
the absorption of light
during the progress of an
The colour change can be measure by using:
Used to measure the appearance of a coloured
The loss of a coloured reactant.
Change the reaction conditions and measure
the effect on the appearance or loss to
measure the impact of the change on the
reaction rate.…read more

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Titrimetric analysis
Remove small portions (aliquots) of the
reaction mixture at regular intervals.
Add the aliquots to another reagent, this
quenches the reaction. "Quench" = stop
OR, immerse the aliquot in an ice bath, so there
are no further changes to the concentrations in
the reacting mixture until further analysis can
be carried out.
Titrate the quenched aliquots to find the
concentrations of known compounds in them.…read more

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