Arrhenius equation

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  • Arrhenius Equation
    • k=Ae^-Ea/RT
      • k is the rate constant
        • large k= fast reaction
        • small k= slow reaction
      • Ea is the activation enthalpy (J/mol)
        • as Ea gets larger, k gets smaller
          • this means the reaction will go slower
          • If Ea is high, not many molecules have enough energy
      • T is the temperature (K)
        • as temperature increases, k increases
          • this means the reaction will go faster
      • R is the gas constant (8.31 J K^-1 mol^-1)
      • A is the pre- exponential factor
        • constant that depends on the reaction taking place
    • The Arrhenius equation links the rate constant with Ea and temp
      • changing the temp changes the rate of reaction
        • doesn't affect concentration therefore affects k
    • lnk= -(Ea/RT) + lnA
      • this can be used to make a graph by plotting lnk against 1/T
        • gradient= -Ea/R
          • Ea and A can be worked out
            • y intercept= lnA
        • y intercept= lnA


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