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Chapter 1

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1 a) i) a group of organisms of the same 1
species living in the same
habitat / area

ii) reference to feeding role; 2 The niche of an organism refers to its
reference to habitat role / biotic role (what it feeds on…

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Chapter 1

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3 a) i) more people survive to reproductive 1 max. Any suitable reason for an increase in
age; birth rate would be acceptable.
better pre-natal care / health care of
better nutrition of mother

ii) better nutrition; 1 max. Again any suitable reason…

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Chapter 1

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5 a) interspecific competition 1 Interspecific competition is between
different species.

b) i) population declines as experimental 1 When both species are together the
area has higher number than control number of tree lizards declines, as
areas / reference to Figure 1 shown in…

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Chapter 1

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ii) A Ranunculus bulbosus 1 The germination of the seedlings is
B Ranunculus acris dependent on the soil moisture.
C Ranunculus repens Ranunculus repens is most abundant in
the furrows where soil moisture is
highest. Ranunculus bulbosus is
abundant in the ridges where soil…


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