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Computer System Components - 42 Questions

1 Give a definition of hardware.
Hardware refers to a physical piece of a computer.
2 Give three examples of hardware.
Memory Chip
3 Give a definition of software.
Computer instructions or data. (Anything that can be stored electronically)
4 Give three…

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Computer System Components - 42 Questions


17. Name a device that outputs sound

18. Name a device that inputs sound

19. Give a suitable use and the advantages and disadvantages of ­
LCD Monitor
Control Device ­ a robotic arm

20. Three types of printers ­ Laser, Ink jet,…

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Computer System Components - 42 Questions

34. List 5 disadvantages of using common network environments such as the Internet

35. What is the difference between the Internet and an Intranet?

36. Describe what is meant by the terms user ids and passwords?

37. Give 3 examples of where you may…


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