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Quality Of Life and Standard Of
Case study of Ghana and the UK…read more

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What is quality of Life? the essentials for the Quality of life indicators
well being of a person for example health, -Literacy rate
food, shelter and ect. -- life expectancy
-Death rate
What is Standard Of Living? Possessions or
luxuries that a person has but don't really need
it or is not very vital. Eg- phone
Things to make a good quality of life
-Clean water
-- healthy food
-- medicine
-Home/ shelter
These things are very common in MEDC
countries such as the UK but are less
common in LEDC countries such as Ghana.…read more

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Location: Ghana is found in the west coast of Ghana case study
Africa between the countries Cote d'Ivoire and
Ghana is an LEDC country with most of the
population having a low Q Of L and S Of L.
Over 45 percent of the people living in Ghana live
on 60 pence a day. This means they have little to
spend on healthy food, so many of the Ghana
population will grow diseases due to the lack of
healthy food. Less money also means that less
Accra is the capital of Ghana. It is a
can be spent on education so people will have
urban area that has higher Q of L then
less earned jobs so that leads to a low Q of L as
the rural areas. For example in Accra
they can't help their families. Only about 69
there is a university and offices which
percent of the population in Ghana knows how to
shows that there well educated people
read and write. This means that the rest are
as well in Ghana. The average for the
uneducated and unable to get a job.
population in urban area of Ghana is
Also one quarter of the population have no
1500 USS whereas the average for rural
access to clean water so they drink water from
areas is 850 USS. In Accra there are also
pond which are dirty, so diarrhoea and cholera
cars which means that there are people
spreads killing many of the people. Because of
with high Q of L and S of L, and able to
the many illnesses due to lack of healthy food and
drive to work. Therefore they are able
lack of clean water, the life expectancy is only 57
to educate their children .
years. (2008)…read more

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UK case study
The UK is an MEDC country which means it
is well developed. The adult literacy is 100
percent. This means that all of the
population knows how to read and write.
Most of the population also have a job so
that they are able to buy healthy food for
their families. In the UK the population all
drink clean and safe water. This means that
there are less diseases able to spread. All of
the children in the UK under the age of 18
have to go to school. This means that they
are able to get job and earn money for the
family. More educated people also means
that there are more doctors so health of
the people is good so life expectancy also
increases. In 2008 the life expectancy was
79.9. so the UK has a high quality of life and
Location: The UK is found above the also standard of Living as most of the UK
equator in the continent of Europe. It is population are able to afford for television,
found in the west of Europe above France. mobile phones, IPods and ect.…read more


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