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How useful is this source as information about Quack Doctors?
This source entitled Origin of the Gout was printed in 1815 by Henry William
Bunbury and now hangs in the National gallery of medicine. This source is
trying to show one cure for gout. The source many have been produced to
warn people that gout can affect everyone, no matter which social class they
were in.
There is evidence in this source that Quack doctors were seen as deceitful and
horrible characters that used people to get money. Portrayed as demon in the
picture something or someone is treating a wealthy man's gout by operation.
The demon has the legs of a goat and the head of a evil spirit, this creates a
instant dislike feeling towards them.
This source is useful as it shows that Quack doctors not only `treated' the poor
but also the wealthy as the man in the picture who is being treated by the
demon, a deceitful character much like a Quack Doctor, is healing a wealthy
man, wearing expensive clothes and playing an expensive instrument.
However this source does not directly link itself to being a quack doctor, these
things must be presumed, therefore this source many not be as useful as
originally thought.


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