PY4 - Relationships WJEC

Understudied relationships based on the WJEC board

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Emily Hunt
PY4 Relationships
Research Relating to Understudied Relationships
WJEC POTIENTIAL question: Critically consider research relating to understudied relationships
1. Forming Homosexual Relationships
DAVIDSON found that homosexual men looked for athletic ability and appearance. HUSTON ET AL
found that homosexual women looked for personality characteristics
50% of men who are in homosexual stable relationships and 65% women showing that
stereotypes can be wrong (homosexual relationships are short).
It is more difficult for women to form homosexual relationships as they have been reared to
be reactive and not proactive
Couple counselling isn't available to homosexual couples unlike heterosexual couples as its
difficult to see power imbalance.
Harder to form as the fear of not being accepted by society, stigma is attached.
Maintaining Homosexual Relationships
In female couples their relationship tends to have a high level of emotional intimacy and a balance
of power. Conversation is used to maintain the intimacy (ELDRIGDE AND GIBERT 1990). For male
couples they avoid arguments and try to appreciate each other's presence. They may use
conversation to gain power over one another.
Straight couple can openly share affection in public like kissing or holding hands. However public
display of affection with homosexual couples is a disapproved of in most cultures
KITZINGER AND COYLE (1995), found that less homosexual couples cohabit together however the
ones that do are as happy as most, as todays age allows a greater a tolerance that what it used to.
With homosexual couples they are more likely to have additional partners in their relationship.
Research has shown that homosexual couples have admitted to cheating more than heterosexual
There are a higher number of heterosexual couples that marry because there is a lot more support
provided for them unlike homosexual couples.
NARDI (1992) found that when a relationship ends in homosexual couples they stay friends more
compared to when heterosexual couples split up.
Most homosexual relationships end because of power imbalances
Gave us a better understanding of homosexual couples and maybe helping acceptance.
There is little research available
Lacks population validity, as it is hard to find representable sample as not everyone is
openly homosexual.

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Emily Hunt
PY4 Relationships
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Dated information, today homosexuals have many more rights and less stigma, people are
being reared to accepted homosexuals.
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Emily Hunt
PY4 Relationships
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