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Emily Hunt
PY4 Relationships

Research Relating to Understudied Relationships
WJEC POTIENTIAL question: Critically consider research relating to understudied relationships

1. Forming Homosexual Relationships
DAVIDSON found that homosexual men looked for athletic ability and appearance. HUSTON ET AL
found that homosexual women looked for personality characteristics

50% of men who are…

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Emily Hunt
PY4 Relationships

Based on assumptions, how can we understand a behaviour that is not natural to certain
Dated information, today homosexuals have many more rights and less stigma, people are
being reared to accepted homosexuals.

2. Formation Mediated relationships CMC
High degree of control of how you…

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Emily Hunt
PY4 Relationships

Identity is anyone's on CMC a lot of abuse can be formed by people changing their identity
getting away with easy bullying. Researchers themselves can hide identity and observe


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