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Emily Hunt
PY4, Formation of Relationship

Explanations of the Dissolution of relationships
WJEC POTIENTIAL question: Discuss and evaluate explanations of the dissolution of relationships

Rollie and Duck ­ 1
Argued there are two reasons why relationships break up...

1. Predisposing factors (internal) ­ being proximity (close) to someone will show…

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Emily Hunt
PY4, Formation of Relationship

Lee surveyed 122 break-ups and broke the dissolution down into 5 stages, once again stages can
be skipped.

1. Dissatisfaction, one partner is no longer happy
2. Exposure, this unhappiness is then put in the open
3. Negotiation, leading to discussion
4. Resolution, then…

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Emily Hunt
PY4, Formation of Relationship

Helps explain why long distant relationships could work, as with today's society
communication can be made and there are more mobile transports. As long as regular
reunites are made it should function



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