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Sharnjit Kaur

Discuss the Advantages of the use of Scientific Methods in Psychology
When conducting research there are several advantages using scientific methods. Prior to the 1950's,
where it was widely seen as a philosophy, psychologists like Freud developed psychological research
which wasn't supported by scientific methods making his findings…

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Sharnjit Kaur

internal validity as experimenter bias and demand characteristics that go with such research does not
lend itself to us gaining any true understanding of human behaviour or real life thinking processes. With
human participants, demand characteristics are inevitable whenever they are aware they are taking part
in a…

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Sharnjit Kaur

memory study participants were not told the real aim of the study but the consequences did not affect
the participants. On the other hand, in Asch's study of conformity participants were also not told the true
aim of the study and they were made to feel duped and…

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Sharnjit Kaur

information withheld from the participant is told. They could withdraw their data from the research if they
are not happy once they are debriefed. The importance of debriefing can be seen in Milgram's' study as
participants reported they found his obedience study worthwhile because they had learnt something…

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Sharnjit Kaur

as he takes the Utilitarian approach whatever produces greatest good for the greatest number of people.
In 2006 Singer endorsed the use of primates compared to the benefit to 40,000 people was ethically

Another reason to research using nonhuman animals is that they do not display demand…

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Sharnjit Kaur

Field experiment: -Higher mundane realism; -Extraneous variables are less
conducted in a more natural higher ecological validity easy to control and can't be
setting. IV is manipulated and -Less likely for experimenter replicated than easily
DV is measured. Participants effects and demand -Also the lack of control makes…

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Sharnjit Kaur

Meta-Analysis -More reliable as it analyses -Research designs in different
Researchers combine results results from several studies studies sampled may vary
from studies with similar -Studies tend to be making them lack validity as
aims/hypotheses to come up contradictory; meta-analysis they are not truly comparable
with a general…

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Sharnjit Kaur

preexisting test. The new test is valid if they concur. External validity: can the results be
generalised to other situations and people. Lab experiments lack ecological validity. If a small
sample is used it lacks population validity
Observations: Internal validity: observer bias what the observer sees may be…

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Sharnjit Kaur

Opportunity The easiest method to Biased on behalf of the researcher- the
(researcher decides the conduct as the first people researcher is only likely to ask people
participant needed if available are asked to act as who look approachable and were
they appear suitable) participants which means it…

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Sharnjit Kaur

behaviour from ppts. ­ Very unethical
Unstructured: Observer records all relevant behaviour with no system
Structured: Observer uses behavioural categories and sampling procedures to control the
Naturalistic: All variables are free to vary
Controlled: Certain elements of the situation are controlled by the researcher
Reliability: Observer should…




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