Psychometric theories explaining intelligence: Spearman's 2 factor theory

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Psychology unit 3 intelligence revision
Psychometric theories explaining intelligence-Spearman's 2 factor theory
This theory suggests that intelligence is due to one factor called `g' for general
intelligence. This `g' affects individual skills which are used to do task skills `s'.
The individual skills are those that can make a person more skilled in one cognitive
/ Duncan found that the frontal lobes were more active when
participants performed high g tasks. This shows that there may be an area
linked to g in the brain. However, this didn't test intelligent people against
non intelligent people so we don't know if less intelligent people have less
intelligence due to the frontal lobe not activating for high g questions
Gould suggests that Spearman made the mistake of reification. He
decided that g was a real concrete aspect of human behaviour rather than
an abstract component. Therefore g can't be directly tested so is
Circular argument: The evidence used to form the theory is the same
evidence that is said to support it so the evidence may be biased.


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