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"Psychometric approach refers to the practice of measuring psychological characteristics in a person"

General Intelligence

In the early days intelligence was measured by testing particular purposes such as
educational applications or military personnel. This all changed when psychologist Charles
Spearman was able to analyse correlations between…

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Fluid intelligence (Gf) ­ refers to reasoning and problem solving abilities. It is our on the spot
reasoning ability , a skill not basically dependent upon our experience. Gf is seen as
providing the raw material for the development of Gc.
The relationship between Gf and Gc ­ People with…

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general intelligence therefore underestimates the complexity of cognitive changes
throughout the life span.
The Flynn effect- (1987) provides evidence that IQ scores have been increasing over the
past 50 years. He discovered this effect by analysing changes in test scores over the years.
Guilford's structure of intellect theory - has…


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