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Psychological stress management
methods- stress inoculation
training (SIT) and evaluation
AS Psychology unit 2-physiological
(stress)…read more

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· Conceptualisation- the client and trainer meet. The
client is taught about stress and how to view threats
as problems to be solved and to break down global
stressors into specific components
· skills acquisition- coping skills (positive thinking,
relaxation techniques, social skills, social support
systems) are taught and practiced in the clinic before
being tried in real life
· Application and follow through- clients are given
opportunities to practice skills in increasingly
stressful situations. Imagery, modelling and role play
are used too.…read more

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· SIT is effective- Meichenbaum compared SIT to
systematic desensitisation to treat snake phobias
both reduced snake phobias but SIT helped to
prevent phobias from returning. Shows that SIT can
prevent stressful situations in the future and help
current stressful situations
· SIT good at reducing anxiety- Sheeing and Horan
examined effects of stress and anxiety on the
academic performance of 1st year law students, who
received 4 weekly session lasting 90 minutes each.
Those who has SIT had lower anxiety and stress
levels and higher academic performance.…read more

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· Provides skills for coping with future stress- deals
with current stressors and provided skills to cope
with future stressors
· Time consuming and take more effort than drugs
meaning the patient needs high motivation
· Too complex- only effective due to parts of SIT
training so the process could be reduced without
loosing effectiveness…read more


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