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Explore how psychoanalysis sheds light on `Top Girls'.

The first act of `Top Girls' depicts a dinner party scene, which various historical and some
influential women attend, that results in the sharing of their own stories. A psychoanalytical
criticism of the play will provide an insight into, not only the…

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`Bastard' and `Big cock' which all appear to be crude and uncalled for. It is, however,
reasonable to suggest that although seemingly arbitrary and unnecessary the words are
representative of her id. Freud's theory suggests that the id is simply the sexual desires, or
eros, and the bad side that…

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some of the dialogue. Joan is described to be animatedly describing her trauma of giving birth
on a horse, followed frequently with immediate laughter until she bluntly cites `They took me
by the feet and dragged me out of town and stoned me to death.' This is ensued by the…


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