English Literature - Top Girls play (Recap)

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These are some aspects of identity that are explored through Churchill's play; Top Girls...


  • Isabella: "my father taught me Latin although I was a girl"
  • talking about religion - never completely free... bound by tradition and gender
  • Joan: "I dressed as a boy... Women weren't / allowed in the library"
  • wearing thin silk...
  • all characters in this act, like Marlene, have changed their lives in some way
  • Isabella: "some people tried to sell girl babies to Europeans for cameras or stew!"
  • Nijo (talking about her baby): "it was only a girl but I was sorry to lose it"
  • all sitting at a table and chatting - male like actions in the times
  • Women talking about their obedience towards men... sacrifices they have made
  • e.g. Griselda has given up her babies to prove her feelings for Walter
  • Joan says she never "obeyed anyone" and they all obeyed her... because she was dressed up as a MAN... 
  • irony is that they are all there to celebrate Marlene's achievement but they all get going and talking about themselves - egocentric? Joan




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