Proteins Mindmap

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F: Response of cell to chemical
Ex: Receptor in membrane of nerve
cell detect signalling molecules
released by other nerve cells.
F: Selective acceleration of chem. reactions
Ex: Digestive enzymes catalyse hydrolysis of
bonds in food molecules
Receptor Proteins
Enzymatic Proteins
F: Movement
Ex: Motor protein - undulations of
cilia and flagella. Actin and myosin
in contraction of muscles.
F: protect against disease
Ex: Antibodies activate / destroy
Contractile and motor proteins Proteins viruses/bacteria
Defensive Proteins
Hormonal Proteins Structural Proteins
Transport Proteins
Storage proteins F: Support
Ex: Keratin in hair. Collagen
F: Coordination of an organisms activities and elastin give fibrous
Ex: Insulin (from pancreas) - tissues to take network in animal connective
up glucose = reg. blood sugar conc. F: Transport of substances tissue.
Ex: Haemoglobin, Fe containing = F: Storage of AA
trasport O2 around body. Others Ex: Casein (milk protein) source for
transport across cell membranes baby mammals


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