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Pronatalist…read more

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·Pronatalist is a term used to describe an attitude or policy that's encourages child bearing. It is a
belief that promotes human reproduction.
·It is a Latin adjective meaning `'Birth.''
·It limits access to abortion and contraception as well as financial and social incentive for the
·Italy was pronatalist because its population in 2005 was 58 million
·It was predicted that by 2050 Italy's population would have declined to 56 million.
·Italy also had pronatalist policies in place when Mussolini was in power, as he wanted Italy `to be at
its best.'
Baby bonus' are given
as an incentive for
people to have more
children increasing the
population.…read more

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Italy's childbearing
This shows that Italy has a
fertility rate of about 1.3 per
every woman. This also shows that Italy has one of the
smallest fertility rates in Europe.…read more

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This shows that by 2050 Italy's population will have a large majority of it being 80+.
· This would not be good for Italy showing that the do need to have a population policy in place
· They need this for them to have a larger population that varies of all ages not the mass majority
being 80+…read more

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Why Italy's population is so small
· Young Italians are leaving home at a later age because they stay in fulltime education longer
and the price of housing is high.
· This means that they marry at a later age and start a family later than they use to.
· Italy has the lowest fertility rate in Europe with low births due to:
· Women caring on their career and focusing on that rather than thinking about settling down
and having a family.
· Use of contraception has increased in the country .
· People living in Italy are more educated in child bearing and sex and how to avoid having
· Family planning centres have been set up throughout Italy giving people advice to women on
how to minimise having children.
· People are choosing to have children at a later age as they don't want to lose `their youth.'…read more

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· Even though Italy was already overcrowded with its 40 million inhabitants, Mussolini wanted to add another 20
million to the population.
· There were two reasons he wanted this: first to create a large number of people for cheap labour and secondly he
wanted power and the only way to get this was to increase the population.
· Mussolini encouraged women to have more children in different ways:
· He made abortions illegal throughout the country.
· Granted family allowances depending on how many people there were living in one house.
· Maternity insurance was given out.
· Birth and marriage loans started coming out.
· A career preferential treatments for fathers who had large families.
· Obstructed the use of contraception by people.
· And special facilities were established for infant and family health / welfare.
· Even with these policies in place the birth rate did not increase but it did change the view of women in Italy.
Mussolini…read more

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