Population implications and Case studies

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  • Implications of population change
    • Pro-natalists (FRANCE)
      • 1939 - Code de la famille - financial incentives, subsidized holidays, banned contraception
      • More recently - Longer maternity on nearly full pay, high child benefits, Pensions schemes, improved tax for large families
      • Better NHS, Education and support for elderly
    • Anti-natalists (CHINA)
      • 1974 - later,longer, fewer
      • 74-90 - One child policy, cash bonus, granny police.
        • Little emporer syndrome
      • 2013 policies relaxed as worried about 421 (granny,parents,child)
    • Socio-enconomic
      • Increased unemployment, lower standards of living, famine.
    • Environmental
      • Overuse of injury, desertification, extintion
    • Source Area
      • lose young skilled adults, old and females left.
      • reduced unemployment, pressure on resources, better opportunities for those left, money sent home.
    • Destination Area
      • Increased pressure on services, (health, homes) segregated communities, Racism.
      • Take less attractive jobs, multi-ethnic society (Curry mile - Manchester)


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