Prokaryotic Cells

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Prokaryotic cells
Bacteria and cyanobacteria together make up the Prokaryotic kingdom.
Their cells do not have nuclei or other membrane bound cell organelles.
Their DNA is not associated with any proteins and lies free in the cytoplasm.
A cell wall is always present.
Main differences between eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells
Eukaryotes Prokaryotes
Large (2-200 µm diameter) Small (less than 2 µm diameter)
DNA is linear DNA is circular
No cell wall in animals, Cell wall made of a
cellulose cell wall in plants or polysaccharide ­ no cellulose or
chitin cell wall in fungi. chitin.
Nucleus present- DNA inside No nucleus ­ DNA free in
nucleus cytoplasm
Many organelles, Few organelles, no
mitochondria present. mitochondria.


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