The 6 R's


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In order to make products more sustainable.

Use materials that come from renewable resources.

Introduce more than 1 use to a product e.g trousers change into shorts. 

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Make long lasting, durable products instead of cheap, low quality clothes.

This reduces the energy needed to manufacture at so many times.

Test the carbon footprint of your factory and reducing it. 

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Refuse to buy a product that is bad for the environment.

When designing refuse to use fabrics that haven't been recycled. 

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Better to mend the product than replace it.

So design products easy to repair.

(A simple design + spare parts).

Make a profit out of selling spares.

Though sometimes it's not worth repairing due to the cheap purchase.

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Reprocessing waste materials.

(Uses less energy and finite resources).

Design products easy to disassemble.

e.g Primary - fibres are used to produce the same product.

Secondary - fibres are used to make a new product.

Tertiary - basic components are reused. 

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Products life is extended by using it again.

Reuse products around the house as a duster.

Products designed for reuse e.g nappies.

Less energy is used by no processing more material. 

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