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DT product design
Energy Labeling directive, 1996- all electrical appliances as
Sustainability and Environmental refrigerators (white goods) are labeled with a rating from A to
Concerns! G to indicate their energy use for consumers to refer to when
The Three Rs !
Reduce- reduce the amount of materials…

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Energy efficiency- tailored for a warm, humid climate to Environmental Factors Automotive Designers
reduce utility bills, conserve energy resources and reduce Consider When Designing The Life Cycle Of A Car!
pollution from burning fossil fuels to generate electricity! The entire life cycle of the car must be considered by

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Light bulbs!

· Long lifetime: Average lifetime as much as 80,000 hours equivalent to 10 to 15 times
of lifetime of CFL lamp.
· Maintenance-free in the long run.
· High lighting efficiency: more than 65~90 lm/w, equivalent to 8 or 9 pcs of
incandescent lamp in the same…

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determined from anthropometric data (length of average arms
Ergonomics, anthropometrics and and average height of users). The hair dryer is now
inclusive design! ergonomically designed.!
! !
50th Percentile- the average or most common
The study of the interaction between the human body,
products and environments. !

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The iPod touch is an excellent example of advanced As population is living to older age, this market becomes
technology making a product easier to use. Electronic devices more and more popular. In US and Japan there are now
previously needed a number of buttons and dials, in order to…

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Health and Safety Executive (HSE)- a government advisory
Health and Safety! service that helps companies meet health and safety
The two safety institution that we adhere to as designers in obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act. The HSE
Europe are publishes safety posters, books and copies of…

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Safety Legislation And The User ! that meet these standards would be labelled with the `CE'
The designer and manufacturer of a product have a moral mark and the BSI Kite mark. If toys are sold in stores in the
obligation to make sure that a customer / consumer not…

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Designers produce working drawings so that prototypes can
Drawing Techniques Used By be manufactured, and then tested; this leads to improvements
Designers! being made to the product!
Designers and architects use a range of drawing techniques, Working drawings are usually produced using CAD software,
to sketch and draw design ideas.…

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be used with a client, to agree on a particular style with a !
designer. !
2D/3D Sketching !
Thumbnail sketches- rough sketches of a design idea; !
designers may add critical, evaluative comments or just notes

of their thoughts as they design. !…

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Environmental and ethical sides of products- what labelling
The marketing mix!
Decisions made within the company to consider what will
affect the design and what will influence the success of the
and indications it carries to identify its special properties!


final product. ! Added value- the product…




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