Mobile Technology

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  • Mobile Technology
    • Miniturisation of microelectionics and increase power
      • microprocessors have become more powerful, the data that phones can store and the speed they can operate has increased
      • Microprocessors have become smaller making them lighters and easier to carry
    • Digital radio signals
      • Signal has improved from analogue signals as is better sound quality and signal roaming
    • Development in Batteries
      • Smaller and more efficient- reducing weight and less frequent charges are needed
    • Development in touch screen technology
      • Increased functionality
      • An electronic display that sense where the user touches and interact with a mouse, touch pad, stylus and fixed keyboard
      • BIGGER screen -easier to see interent page -full screen to view photographs and video
      • Finger print sensor
    • Development in Bluetooth technology
      • Wireless technology used to exchange data such as sharing photos or connecting to other devices such as hands free
    • Other Software and Hardware
      • -MP3 file reduction -APPLE maps (GPS) -Camera- size/quality- skype/facetime
      • Sensors
        • Ambient- screen brightness adjust to the light environment (this saves battery)
        • Sound- reduces background noise
        • Accelerometer- detects the angle of the phone


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