Pride and Prejudice

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Key Facts.

full title  ·  Pride and Prejudice.

author  · Jane Austen.

type of work  · Novel.

genre  · Comedy of manners.

language  · English.

time and place written  · England, between 1796 and 1813.

date of first publication  ·  1813.

publisher  · Thomas Egerton of London.

narrator  · Third-person omniscient

climax · Mr. Darcy’s proposal to Elizabeth (Volume III, Chapter XVI).

protagonist · Elizabeth Bennet.

antagonist · Snobbish class-consciousness (epitomized by Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Miss Bingley).

setting (time) · Some point during the Napoleonic Wars (1797–1815


self-confessed worrier :/


great for quite literally last minute cramming :) 



good summary :)



Amazing thank you :) Although I believe you've missed out most major themes: marriage and of course, pride and prejudice. 

Grace Canelle-Dance


is this copied and pasted off another website?

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