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Eleanor Marshall

Effectiveness of opening chapters of Pride and Prejudice

In this essay I will be exploring the effectiveness of the opening chapters of Pride and
Prejudice. I will consider the way the narrator's voice is established and the main
themes introduced. I will also consider whether is inspires the…

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Eleanor Marshall

gives the reader this impression. Surely he must know what his wife means, so would
therefore seem to be acting oblivious simply to `vex' her.

But of course, the most obvious way for a reader to discern the traits and quirks of
these odd characters, is by perusing…

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Eleanor Marshall

Bingley!'. While Mr Bennet revels in the surprise of his practical joke, `The
astonishment of the ladies was just what he wished...' and particularly enjoys the
`vexing' of Mrs Bennet `...Mrs Bennet perhaps surpassing the rest'.

Chapter two allows the reader to have a glimpse at the family…

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Eleanor Marshall

In the end, it depends on the person reading it. Interpretations are different for each
person. What may be light-hearted and harmless for one person, may be slow paced
and dull for another. The conventions of a good opener are all included, it simply
depends on the perception…


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