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Primary Precepts
The 5 key purposes of
humanity: · W orship God
· Live in an ordered · O rdered society
society · R eproduce
· Worship God · L earn
· Learn · D on't Die ­
· Protect and preserve Protect & preserve
the self
the self
· Reproduce…read more

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Deontology ­ morality is about doing your duty, an obligation to
follow rules or do right actions.
Natural Law produces absolute moral rules ­ the secondary precepts.
This makes morality straightforward and uncomplicated. Roman
Catholics know what their morality demands ­ no contraception,
no abortion, no divorce etc.
Secondary precepts
These arise from the primary precepts: e.g. do not have an abortion,
do not commit suicide.
It is unclear how Natural Law should deal with conflicting rules ­
where there is overpopulation and limited resources, reproducing
seems to conflict with living in society and protecting the innocent.
Many people believe that Natural Law leads to wrong decisions,
not taking into account the human suffering that, for example, not
using condoms might cause.
Another criticism is that Aquinas comes up with the wrong rules. He
says the primary precept concerning reproduction leads to a
secondary precept ­ monogamy. But is this necessarily the best
way to ensure that reproduction occurs?…read more


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