Practical, Ethical and Theoretical Issues In Studying Crime and Deviance

P.E.T. issues that are encountered when using research methids to investigate crima and deviance.

Research methods included are:

  • Experiments
  • Social surverys/ Questionnaires
  • Interviews
  • Observation
  • Case studies
  • Official Statistics

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P.E.T. issues when researching crime and deviance

The Hawthorne effect may occur and some participants may act in a way which they think is socially
desirable; this could result in the finding lacking validity as a true reflection of what was being studied
will not be found. For example,…

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Also, in some cases of covert participant observation, the researcher may `go native' this is where
they `permanently' associate themselves with the group/ person that they are observing. This could
be seen as a strength and a weakness; as the researcher has become `one of them' he/she will be


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