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The Rainforest!
By Jordan Lloyd and Phoebe Heveron…read more

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Why is the rainforest being
Logging companies taking wood for furniture
Tribes need land to grow crops and keep
People are mining the land for oil and other
natural resources
The government is developing the land with
roads, trying to improve the country.
More and more people are cutting down vast
areas of land to create cattle ranches.…read more

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Layers of the rainforest.
In the rainforest every piece of wildlife has to
fight to survive.
Some trees grow tall and straight to get to sun.
Some plants, like ferns don't have flowers.
Epiphytes forget about roots and perch on
Most animals live in the canopy because the
canopy has the most light.…read more

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How have the trees adapted.
Sharp edges to keep hungry things away.
Waxy coat to protect against rain and insects.
Drip tip lets rain drip off.
Buttress roots above ground because there are poor
nutrients in the soil.…read more

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Thank you for watching.…read more


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