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Fraud Act
2006…read more

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Section 1
· Replaced `deception'
· Created new single
offence of fraud
· Fraud may be
committed in any one
of three broad ways
· Maximum sentence of
ten years…read more

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Section 2 False Representation
· Does not have to be
spoken or written
· Goods or services bought
with an unauthorised
credit card
· D need not actually have
gained any financial
· mens rea: dishonesty
and fraudulent
intention.…read more

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S.3 Failure to disclose information
· Must be a legal duty
to disclose
· R v FIRTH: doctor
omitted to tell hospital
that some patients
were private patients
· he or the patients
should have been
charged…read more

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S.4 Abuse of Position
· Abuse of trust
· an employee commits
fraud against his
· R v COOKE:2 employees
of British Rail, sold their
own sandwiches instead
of British Rail sandwiches
· Can be by omission…read more

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S.11 Obtaining services dishonestly
· Actus reus: an act which
obtains a service,
without payment where
payment is expected.
· Fake ticket to enter a pop
concert; jumping over a
ticket barrier to travel on a
train; using a fake credit
card over the internet
· Haircuts, hotel stays…read more


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