Advantages of PML


  • Thorough Process:  650 Mps Voting & Debating (Varied expertise); Detailed Committee Explanations; Open and Transparent Systems; Accountable to the Public.
  • Democratic:  Gov is elected by the people; Vote of No Confidence ensures any underperforming Gov is removed; MPs can put across views of all constituencies.
  • Legislation made by Parliament can reform a whole area of Law:  Fraud Act- Abolished old law on fraud and deception.
  • Parliament can delegate other bodies to make law:  Allows DL to be made by area experts.
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  • Flexible:   There are a number of different types of bill that can be introduced into either house; All have an opportunity to introduce new bills.
  • Hundreds of specialists and diverse expertise:  Law Lords; Industry experts: Lawyers/Doctors etc; Past Gov leaders; Heads of COE
  • Act as a check on Gov Power: Highlight Potential abuses of power; Highlight Anomalies (errors in proposals passed by HOC) 
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The Crown

  • Allows a final chance to stop abusive legislation becoming law: The monarch has the power to prevent any Bill becoming an AOP.
  • Custom, tradition and involves head of state.
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