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Dharma is the religious duty of your Varna
Artha is the Sanskrith term for wealth, focusing on gaining and making the best of life
economically and by lawful means. For example, not being a butcher.
Kama is to enjoy the pleasure of this life; Hindus believe that wealth isn't…

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Hindu Mission hospital in Cheneye is an organisation that focuses on providing health care for
those who are unable to pay for it. They also focus on education and treatment of illnesses in
remote villages in India.
The prison fellowship India is an organisation which funds Children's homes to care…

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every person is a part of Brahman (the ultimate reality) and people should take care of
each other
helping others is the best way to reach Brahman and understand what it really means to
be human

There are many charities in India and the majority of these have been set…

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As a student a Hindu should live a simple life without luxuries so that he learns to live on
the minimum. He should learn that the most important things in life cannot be bought.
As a householder he will have to earn money to look after his extended family. The…

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What can Christians do to help reduce poverty?
Practical help can be given such as giving money to the poor by charity or by buying
fair-trade items.
Practical help like building a hospital or education centre as part of a voluntary team group.
Putting pressure on the government, to release…

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The sheep and the goat is a parable that teaches about life after death, and how God will
judge you based on your life actions. If you have helped cloth and feed people then you have
been fulfilled your duty and been a good Christian. If not you will be…

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Charities such as Christian Aid, CAFOD, CARITAS and the Tearfund try to coordinate
the churches' work in order to stop millions of people starving while the rest of the
world is well-fed and has a good standard of living.
The Synod [believes] that, as a matter of common humanity and…

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Jesus told his followers that being wealthy is not easy. He said:
It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the
Kingdom of God.
Luke 18:25
Jesus taught that people should use their wealth unselfishly, to look…


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