Volcanic eruption at Thera-Could it be Atlantis?

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(All notes based on the BBC Timewatch programme episode called Atlantis the evidence)


  • It was a myth written by Plato. It is thought that it could have been written:
    • as a warning about wealth and fortune
    • due to listening to peoples gossip
    • not from an historians point of view. It is thought that he didn't want to write history.
  • Some people would argue that Atlantis was created by supernatural aliens.
  • Nazi's thought that the Arian race came from Atlantis.

Thera-Is Atlanta based on the events that happened here?

  • The land seem to link to what Plato describes as it is the right shape.
  • The island is the remains of a volcanic crater.
  • It is wondered if the Atlantis myth was triggered by the eruption that took place.
  • In the myth of Atlantis, Plato mentioned that different coloured stones were used in buildings. This can be seen in buildings in Thera.
  • Thera was home to an advance civilisation. 
  • 1967 discovery:
    • it was found beneath 100ft of ash and pumice.
    • 10,000sq kilometres has been currently excavated, but it is estimated that there is 30 times more here. 
    • The civilisation was particularly inventive with pottery and it is of high quality.
    • Wall paintings have been discovered here which show life and it seems to show that because women are present that they had a…


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