Threats to the Weimar Constitution

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Threats to Weimar
Political threats
Economic threats
Weaknesses of the constitution
Economic Threats
German Economy 1919 ­ 1923
Causes of hyperinflation:
The existing economic chaos created the Kaiser after the war.
Treaty of Versailles had £6,600 million reparations payment and there was a
loss of 13% of their territory.
Mistakes created by the Weimar Government.
The Weimar Government:
- The Weimar Government spent MORE and did NOT cut taxes as they feared
the reaction of the public: DEFICIT BUDGETING.
- French Occupation of the Ruhr: The Ruhr was an industrial part of Germany.
The Weimar Government said that the workers must have `passive
resistance.' This means that the German workers must not work for the
French. This gives Weimar a loss of profit and they have to pay the striking
- The Weimar Government print money to pay workers: the German mark
decreases in value.
- August 1923: 663 million marks in circulation.
- November 1923: 4.2 billion marks to $1/one dollar.
Weimar Government:
Welfare State
Deficit budgeting
Ruhr Crisis
Fulfilment policy

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+ People who owed a fixed amount. Could pay it off with less money in a quick
+ Anybody who had money ­ businessmen. Able to pay property cheaply as a long
term investment.
+ Peasants who grew their own food.
- Workers on a fixed pay because prices were constantly accelerating.
- Those on welfare as the welfare was fixed.
- Savers ­ savings became worthless.…read more


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