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What is the best way according to
you to make a moral decision?
Does this question look
familiar??????…read more

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Buy the newspapers this weekend and
find stories that are related to ethics.
Hint: There is something in the
newspaper every day so there can be no
excuses.…read more

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Haiti Earthquake…read more

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Plato's Euthyphro Dilemma
It's right The gods
because the command it
gods command because it is
it. right.
In Plato's works called the Euthyphro the character Socrates asks
whether something is right because the gods command it or do the gods
command it because it is right?
Which part of the dilemma would give God supreme power? How?…read more

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P. 119 of textbooks
1. Complete the activity ­ in pairs arguing
both sides ­ one being a Christian and the
other trying to find fault with their
2. Take notes on the Divine Command
3. Consider A J Ayer's views on morality
and summarise whether you agree or
disagree with his ideas ­ can morality be
distinct from religion?…read more

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_____ _______ Theory
It is right Duns Scotus
because I said
it is right. William of
GOD Ockham
Descartes…read more

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