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Plate Tectonics and Associated Hazards

Hazard management: earthquakes

Prediction is very difficult
At risk regions can be identified through plate tectonics but attempts to predict
earthquakes a few hours before are unreliable
Prediction is based upon monitoring groundwater levels, release of radon gas and
unusual animal behaviour
Fault lines…

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63, where as in 1988 the 6.9 Richter in Armenia without earthquake proof buildings resulted
in the deaths of more than 25,000.

Instructions issued by the authorities explain how to prepare for an earthquake by securing
homes, appliances and heavy furniture and getting together earthquake kits
Schools, offices and…

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Landuse planning
most hazardous areas in the event of an earthquake can be identified and regulated
School and Hospitals should be built in areas of low risk
Important to have sufficient open space as this forms a safe area away from fires
and aftershock damage to buildings

Insurance and Aid…


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