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Plate Tectonics and Associated Hazards

Features of Plate margins:

Constructive (Divergent) Margins: Where plates move apart
Oceanic areas: Produce Oceanic ridges e.g. midAtlantic ridge
Longest continuous uplifted feature on the planet
Volcanic Activity: Submarine volcanoes that sometimes rise above sea level, e.g. Surtsey,
Iceland. They are fairly gentle with low…

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There are 3 types of different convergent situations.

Oceanic/Continental convergence:
Oceanic and continental plates meet and the denser oceanic plate is forced under the lighter
continental one known as subduction

Ocean trench: down warping of the oceanic plates to form a trench
Fold Mountains: Sediments that have accumulated on…

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Continental/continental convergence
Two plates meeting at as they're lower density than the underlying layers there isn't much
subduction so the sediments between them are forced up into fold mountains

Fold mountains
No Volcanic activity sue to no subduction
Shallow focus earthquakes
Deep mountain roots
Examples: IndoAustralian plate being forced…

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