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Plate Tectonics and Associated Hazards
The SumatranAndaman Earthquake and Indian Ocean tsunami

When: 26th December 2004

Epicentre: Off the NorthWest tip of the Indonesian island Sumatra (160km offshore)

Plates involved: The IndoAustralian plate is being subducted under the Burma part of the
Eurasian plate, slipping 1520m. A section of sea…

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Waves: 2030m in height

Aftershocks: As of 1 January 2005, there were about 84 aftershocks with magnitudes
ranging from 5.0 to 7.0. 26, including the largest, occurred on the 26 December 2004, the
same day as the earthquakes. Since the 1st many more aftershocks have occurred and many
more are…

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4,000 homes destroyed or damaged
schools, boats, infrastructure and tourist resorts also damaged
81 deaths

Thousands Killed
Thousands injured
1.69 million displaced
Coastal areas popular tourist destinations ­ particularly over Christmas holiday
Tourist industry badly hit ­ many put off travelling to this region
9000+ tourists killed many from…

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More than 160 aid organisations and the UN began operations to provide food,
shelter and schooling
Foreign troops also involved in the initial emergency relief effort
A year later 60,000 still living in tents

Sri Lanka
$3bn pledged by international donors but much was not delivered as the government

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Problems delivering financial helped meant in March 2005, $4bn in aid promised to
governments had still not been delivered
Worldwide publicity meant charities were given considerable donations E.g. The
British public gave £330 million, more than the British government

Hazard management Following:
Tsunami warning system set up among countries that…


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