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The majority of earthquakes occur along plate boundaries with the most powerful at
destructive margins.
At conservative margins the boundary is marked by a fault, which movement along
produces and earth quake. E.g. the San Andreas fault, California which represent
the boundary between the North American and Pacific plate.
Some earthquakes occur away from plate boundaries and are associated with the
reactivation of old fault lines. E.g. on 23rd September 2002 in Dudley, West of
Birmingham a earthquake measuring 4.…read more

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Magnitude and frequency:
Magnitude of earthquakes is measured on two scales.…read more

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Effects of earthquakes
Primary effects:
Ground shaking ­ the severity depends upon the magnitude of the earthquake, the distance
from the epicentre, local geological conditions and rock type.
Secondary effects:
Soil Liquefaction when violently shaken soils with a high water content lose their
mechanical strength and start to behave like a fluid. ­ Often happens on old lake beds or
reclaimed land ­ E.g.…read more


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