physics triple science notes needed c3 aqa gcse

these are some aqa notes i made for my triple science physics aqa gcse.

i wrote them up by using what is needed in specification

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Centre of mass on material
- hang from pivot point and draw plumb line
- from different pivot point and draw plumb line
- where line crosses is centre of mass
Moment= force x distance
Anticlockwise moment=clockwise moment
Will topple if:
Centre of mass is outside of base
There is a resultant force and moments aren't equal
Centre of mass = point at which mass is most concentrated, directly below point of suspension.
Centripetal force= force that accelerates towards the centre of the circle and keeps it in a circle e.g
gravity, friction, tension.
-Direction of force always changing
-Therefore velocity changing
-Therefore accelerating at steady speed
Centripetal force increases as:
Speed increases
Mass increases
Radius decreases
Gravity increases as:
Distance decreases
Mass increases
The further away the planet, the longer the orbit
An orbit is in an ellipse with the sun at one focus
Geostationary satellite
-24 hours
-used for communication
- directy about earth, high up
Low polar orbit
-sweeps over both poles
-few hours
-low down
-used for weather and spying picture
Converging lens in magnifying glass
The object nearer to lens than focal point
Creates a virtual, bigger, upright image
Converging lens in film
Further away from lens than focal point
Creates real, smaller, inverted image

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Normal = line perpendicular to surface at point of incidence.
Nature of image from plane mirror= upright, same size, virtual
Nature of image from convex mirror=virtual, upright, smaller
Nature of image from concave mirror=
At C it is inverted, upside down, same size
Closer to lens than f it is virtual, bigger, right way up
Further than f from lens inverted, real, bigger.…read more

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The field through coil swaps every half turn ­ induce potential difference and current in coil.
Size of potential difference increases when;
the speed of the movement increases
the strength of the magnetic field increases
the number of turns on the coil increases
the area of the coil is greater.
alternating current in the primary (coil)
produces a changing magnetic field in core which is made of (laminated soft) iron.
this induces an alternating potential difference across the secondary coil.…read more


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