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Centre of mass on material

- hang from pivot point and draw plumb line
- from different pivot point and draw plumb line
- where line crosses is centre of mass

Moment= force x distance
Anticlockwise moment=clockwise moment

Will topple if:
Centre of mass is outside of base
There is…

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Normal = line perpendicular to surface at point of incidence.

Nature of image from plane mirror= upright, same size, virtual
Nature of image from convex mirror=virtual, upright, smaller
Nature of image from concave mirror=
At C it is inverted, upside down, same size
Closer to lens than f it is…

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The field through coil swaps every half turn ­ induce potential difference and current in coil.
Size of potential difference increases when;
the speed of the movement increases
the strength of the magnetic field increases
the number of turns on the coil increases
the area of the coil is greater.…


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