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Science Physics Year 11
Becky Grimbley| Year 11

Speed and Acceleration
Speed isn't everything
Velocity Time Graphs-
Calculating the area under a velocity time graph
Speeding Up and Down:
Acceleration -Speeding up
Forces between objects
Resultant force -
On The Road-
Falling Objects
Energy,Work and Momentum:

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A.C and D.C
Nuclear Physics:
Properties of sub-atomic particles
Radioactive Decay
Background Radiation ­
Discovery of the Nucleus
Nuclear Fission-
Nuclear Fusion

Speed and Acceleration
Total Distance (m)
Speed ( m
s)= Total time (s)

Distance- Time graphs-Showing objects moving at steady pace/stationary
If an object is stationary…

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Change in V elocity ( m
Acceleraton (m/s2) Time (s)

V ­ Final Velocity
U- Start Velocity
V-U ­Change in Velocity
Example: A sprinter starts at the velocity of 5m/s & accelerates to 20m/s taking 3 seconds
20-5 = 5m/ss

Speeding Up & Down
Forces between objects…

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As things fall they experience an upward force called air resistance (drag)

Work, energy and momentum
Energy and Work- When a force moves an object, energy is transferred & work is done
Work is done whenever a force moves something.
The distance moved when work is carried out on an…

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When a force acts on an object that is moving, or able to move the momentum changes:

F orce (N ) =Change in momentum
Time taken (s)

Safety features in cars are designed to absorb kinetic energy in a crash.
Crumples zones fold in a collision, increasing impact time so…

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Dangers of Static Electricity- A charged conductor can be discharged by connecting it to the earth with
a metal
Static Electricity is on a petrol tanker from the friction of tyre on road
When filling underground tanker with petrol static electricity build up through the pipe
Metal straps are connected…

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The resistance decreases as the temperature rises


The resistance decrease if the light intensity increase


Mains Electricity
The Plug
BRown= Live
Green/yellow= Earth
The features of a plug are:
Copper wire- it's a good conductor
Surrounded by flexible plastic,-good insulator
Case made from tough plastic or rubber-…

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C urrent (A) = Charge (C) Q
Time (s) OR I × T

Energy in circuits-Energy Transferred (J) - amount of energy transformed increases as the p.d
Energy transferred(J ) = P .d (V )×Charge(C )ORV E

A.C and D.C
Cells/Batteries supply current that flows in one direction…

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Symbol 1 proton, 0 1 proton, 1 neutron, 1 1 proton, 2 neutrons, 1
neutron, 1 electron electron
Radioactive Decay-If atoms emit alpha/beta radiation, its nucleus changes. It becomes the nucleus of a
different element because the number of protons in the nucleus determines which element the atom is.…

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Discovery of the Nucleus
The atom was imagined to be a sphere of positive charge with negatively charged
electrons dotted around inside it like plums in a pudding.
An experiment carried out in 1905 showed that the plum pudding model could not be
Rutherford, Geiger & Marsden made an…


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