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Asteroids are small Solar System
bodies which orbit the Sun . they are
smaller than planets but larger than
meteoroids .
In theory, asteroids and meteorites are
made of the same basic elements; it's
just that asteroids are much bigger.…read more

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A comet is a relatively small, icy mass in the
Solar System, usually larger than a
meteoroid, that, when it is close enough
to the Sun, displays a visible coma
(a thin, fuzzy, temporary atmosphere)…read more

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A meteor is a
bright streak of
light in the sky
produced by the
entry of a small
meteoroid into the
atmosphere…read more

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Meteorites are fragments of rock
and/or metal that fall to Earth
from space. Having broken
away from a larger…read more

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An NEO is a near earth object - It
is a Solar System object whose
orbit brings it into close…read more

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The end
By Sophie
Simmonds…read more


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