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Science Revision
Friday 12th June
Physics 2, Biology 2, Chemistry 2

Physics 2
Energy and fuels

Transformers and Grid
A step up transformer has more turns on secondary side,
which increases the voltage, and decreases the current
This reduces the energy loss

Nuclear Power
Advantages of nuclear power; it doesn't…

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Panels are made of two layers of silicon
Electrons in the silicon absorb the suns energy
They break free of their atoms
They flow to make a current
Advnatages- can be used where there's no mains electricity
Disadvantages- can't be used at night

Solar Heating
The suns heat is…

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Space Section

Cosmic Rays
Cosmic rays are ions from the sun
Which spiral around the Earths magnetic field, and get
deflected to the poles, to protect the Earth
A solar flare is a large cloud of fast moving charged particles
Which can damage satellites and power lines

Earth and Moon…

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Hydrogen fuels run out
The star cools and expands into a red giant
Outer layers drift away to make a planetary nebula
The star shrinks to make a white dwarf

Death of Heavy star
Hydrogen fuel runs out
Star cools and expands into a red super giant
A black hole…

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Low level is buried (but it may leak into the environment)
High level waste is sealed in glass
Problems with nuclear waste- terrorists may pinch it

Solar Flares
Solar flares are a burst of ions, they produce the northern
lights at the poles, they can damage satellites and power lines

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