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Nutcracker, Swansong, Still Life at the Penguin Cafe, Cross channel and Birdsong

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Still Life at the Penguin
Nutcr Swansong Café
Cross Channel Birdsong
Lea Anderson (1992)
acker Christopher Bruce (1987)
David Bintley (1988)
Siobhan Davies (2004)
Performing Proscenium Stage Proscenium Stage Proscenium Stage Site Specific In the Round
The dancers only have to The dancers only have to The dancers only have to project Makes it more realistic Allows the audience to
project to one direction, project to one direction, the to one direction, the audience is and enhances the see more of what is
the audience is detached audience is detached from detached from the dancers and theme, thus increasing going on and allows
from the dancers and the dancers and allows allows objects to be easily the audiences' the audience to have
allows objects to be easily objects to be easily hidden hidden from view. engagement. different views.
hidden from view. from view.
Set Design Orphanage scene Dark Cactus Beach
Frozen Lake scene Black Backdrop Trees Train
Wedding Cake Scene Chair Boat
Shows the theme of nature,
The large feather and Shows - isolation, loneliness, within the work. It shows the It tells us where the
pillow on the lake show emptiness and creates a habitat in which the animal lives. dancers are, and shows
that it is a dream. The bright bleak atmosphere. Shows how big the animal is in the location. It is literal
colours show the joy and relationship to its surroundings. and therefore not open
happiness. i.e. the cactus leaves were very to interpretation.
big, for the rat.
Props Hat Red nose Zebras tassels Camera
Christmas tree Chair Playing cards
Bucket Cane Represents grass or as an Books
extension of the limbs, to define Sunscreen
To humiliate the prisoner. and exaggerate movement.
The chair is used for:

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Shows the time of year, comfort, way to get to light, To add to pedestrian
what they are doing and weapon, shackle, shield and movement and help the
shows a contrast in colour. weight. The cane shows audience understand
authority. the activities.…read more

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May reflect the name of
the section (i.e. Four
Corners 1) or to highlight
certain dancers or
movements (Four
Corners 2).…read more


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