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Still Life at the Penguin
Nutcr Swansong Café
Cross Channel Birdsong
Lea Anderson (1992)
acker Christopher Bruce (1987)
David Bintley (1988)
Siobhan Davies (2004)

Performing Proscenium Stage Proscenium Stage Proscenium Stage Site Specific In the Round
The dancers only have to The dancers only have to…

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Shows the time of year, comfort, way to get to light, To add to pedestrian
what they are doing and weapon, shackle, shield and movement and help the
shows a contrast in colour. weight. The cane shows audience understand
authority. the activities.

Nutcr Swansong Still Life at the Penguin Cross…

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May reflect the name of
the section (i.e. Four
Corners 1) or to highlight
certain dancers or
movements (Four
Corners 2).

Set Design Anthony Ward Christopher Bruce Hayden Griffin Sam Collins
Lighting Howard Harrison David Mohr John B Read Adrian Plaut


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