Dance - Still life at the penguin cafe

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  • Section 1A - The Great Auk
    • Physical setting
      • Ice Blue cyclorama showing climate.
      • Black stage
      • Set in a cafe with tables and chairs
      • Props such as trays are used
    • Costumes
      • Realistic
      • Black and white suits with tuxedo with yellow leg warmers
      • represents penguins
    • Aural setting
      • howling wind sound sets the scene of the polar regions
      • harp and wind instruments play lively tunes
      • piano makes it sound more jazz
      • it has a cyclical structure
      • the bouncy repetitive notes introduce the penguins as harmless, cute animals
    • Action
      • lots of small runs and steps, small low gestures and flexed feet
      • arms are kept by their sides
      • hops dipping either side
    • Space
      • small actions and kept on mid level
      • Curving floor patterns
      • weaving pathways
    • Dynamics
      • buoyant and quick
      • springy and quirky steps, kicks and hops show the human's theory of the penguins being funny and cute
    • Relationships
      • beings a solo and builds to a duet and then a trio
      • close proximity to each other
      • complimenting movements


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