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  • Shadows
    • *Aural Setting: Has no break in tempo, broken chords and diatonic scales. Minor key - integral to the dark, solemn atmosphere. Changes in speed and dynamic to introduce each character.
    • Semi-narrative structure
    • 12 minutes long
    • 2 Male dancers, 2 female dancers
    • Choreographic Intention: Small family coming to terms with deprivation, poverty and the realities of what lies outside the home. Open to interpretation
    • Stimulus: Arvo Part's "Fratres" for violin and piano *
    • Choreographic Approach: Movement is influenced by the dancers. Idea of a family sat around a table
    • Dance Style: Classical, Contemporary (neo-classical)
    • Date of first performance: November 2014
    • Company: Phoenix Dance Theatre
    • Choreographer : Christopher Bruce
    • Costume: Clearly gendered, 1930s-1940s style: Smple shirts, skirts, trousers, and colours are muted and worn down. At the end: Shoes, coats, son and daughter's coats are oversized (poverty)
    • Lighting: Creates intimate space on stage, depicting feeling of a room. Light is obscured now and again to make it seem as though a figure is outside.
    • Performance environment: End Stage
    • Staging/Set: minimal, within a black box, bare walls and floor, table, bench, two stools, a coat stand and a suitcase (all worn-looking)


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