Swan Song Revision

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The choreographer of Swan Song is Christopher Bruce.

The composer is Philip Chambon.

Swansong was created in November 1987

Dancers: Two guards and one prisoner, either performed by three males, three females or a mixed cast. (never two male guards and one female prisoner as it changes the theme of rights to sex discrimination)

  • Relationship between dancers: Two guards work in unison (manipulation); physical contacts between prisoner and guard/guards; solo by prisoner; question and answer in tap sections.
  • The props (red nose, canes) used to degrade the prisoner (red nose) and to enhance the movements (cane swinging). The chair is not a prop as it never leaves the stage.
  • The costumes are everyday clothes associated with roles. Uniforms for the gaurds, jeans and red t-shirt for the prisoner. The costumes contribute to the choreography as they suggest the character; suggest collaboration and power between guards; red t-shirt symbolises blood

The music-dance relationship  is that the music was composed in collaboration with the choreographer, so direct correlation.

The set design description: Non-theatrical, abstract, proscenium staging. There is a bare


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